SQL Training

Our world, that we live in today, is driven by data or to be more precise, information. This information is highly valued as all planning, marketing, operations and business strategies, both immediate and long term, are fixed and implemented on the basis of this information.

SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It is used mainly to communicate with a database to store, manipulate and retrieve data. As ANSI (American National Standards Institute), SQL is the standard language for relational database management. With SQL commands you can insert, update, delete, manipulate data and perform a plethora of other functions.

Nowadays, nearly every company, small or big, needs to maintain a relational database to store, manipulate and retrieve data and information so as to make informed and effective business decisions and also to keep customer or employee records. Thus having learnt SQL, will only increase and bolster your employability.

Our extensive SQL course covers both basic and advanced SQL. With our real time training, which is both knowledge and placement oriented, you will be equipped with deep seeded and conceptual knowledge about SQL and PL/ SQL. Our faculties are oracle certified and have prolific knowledge on relational database management and have years of hands on experience as working professionals with companies with large databases.

Our SQL and PL/SQL course structure includes:


1) SQL overview

2) SQL SELECT and statements, SQL updating

3) Functions and expressions

4) Joins, Sub queries and Unions

5) Summarization


1) Basics of PL/SQL

2) PL/SQL structure

3) Exception handling

4) Boolean Logic

5)Cursors and iteration

6) Triggers

7) Stored Procedure, functions and packages

8) Bulking in PL/SQL