Business Analyst

Suppose you are going to build a house, for that you will have to hire the services of an architect, who will take into account your needs and requirements for the house and ask for specifications about the number of rooms, bathrooms and kitchen,the sizes of the individual rooms and also of the garage space etc. After that he will coordinate with the builders according to your specification, tackling unforeseen problems on the way, and build your dream house. A business analyst plays quite the same role but instead of dealing with bricks and houses, he/she deals with computer and IT systems within an organization.

The business analysts works as a bridge between the business stake holders and the IT workforce. A Business analyst coordinates with both of them, to bring about the desired change in the system so as maximize the desired output which is the very reason behind bringing about the changes in the first hand. The Business Analyst documents the business requirements which express what actions the business must take in order to resolve a business issue and deliver work products through the project lifecycle.

In the face of changing economy and customer needs and requirements, the role of business analyst in an organization is unquestionable and he/she is quite indispensible for any organization, big or small alike. With our expert guidance, from experienced business analyst who have huge industry experience ,you will be ready to face any challenge in any sector you work in. Ours is a case-study-oriented approach, wherein every session will have a case study assignment that the participant has to assess and implement all the topics covered in that particular session. And at the end of the course – a project work will be given, where the participant has to implement all the topics covered in the entire course. We will make an expert and adopt Business analyst out of you.