ASP.NET is an open source and server side web application development framework which is developed and marketed by Microsoft. Being a successor of Microsoft’s ASP (Active Server Pages) technology,, since its release in January 2002 along with Microsoft’s version 1.0 of the .NET framework has become hugely popular and somewhat indispensible in developing dynamic web pages. is a unified web development framework that incorporates all the necessary services and functions that are required to make enterprise class web development applications. With you can have maximum web development with minimal amount of coding, which contributes to its long list of advantages.

Gone are the days of static web pages, dynamic web pages are the trend nowadays. Dynamic web, unlike static web pages, pages don’t need to be updated manually in case of a change in any of the aspects. The pages update themselves accordingly to change in user or locality. Another advantage of, which makes it such popular choice for developing professional and enterprise level web application, is that with you can have access to millions of class of the .net framework thus making coding simpler and more effective.

Our prolific Microsoft certified trainers have an impressive background of working with industry giants on real time game changing projects. They have years of experience in the said field with an impressive body of work. They are well versed with all the latest developments and advancements in and possess a deep seeded expertise, conceptual knowledge and professional know how on tackling and handling the most complex of problems, to be faced by web application developers in real time. Equipped with our training you will have in depth and extensive grasp and knowledge of

Our course structure in includes:

1) An Introduction to basics1

2) Web forms

3) and HTTP

4) Web application with visual studio

5) Server controls

6) Configuration and security

7) Debugging and error handling

8) Server control

9) Data access

10) Authentication and Authorization

11) and Ajax