Gilsoft Technologies

Gilsoft Technologies is a premier in the field of consulting, staffing and recruitment, and we won’t be guilty of exaggeration or overstatement, if we say we are the masters of our trade, for we are. Since our inception, we have been providing organizations, small scale and giants alike, with talented and suitable workforce, who proves to be an asset for the organization.

We deliver professionals.
  • One stop complete solution for all your staffing needs
  • Providing talented and driven workforce
  • Extensive and in depth training
  • Human Resource Consulting
  • Customized Solutions

What our Candidate say

  • Gilsoft Technologies are really beat at what they do. Within a week or two after registering with them, I landed my dream job, that too, with the company that I wishing to work for. They are real professionals who will help and assist you in shaping your career.

    James Cornel
  • One thing that I have learned in my encounters with Gilsoft Technologies is that they really care about the people that come to them. Their approach is not hit and run like other staffing and recruitment agencies. They listened and understood my needs and concerns and found me the perfect employer.

    Jeremy Asigner
  • I completed my industrial training with Gilsoft on Java. The trainers are excellent with their in depth knowledge and experience of handling real time projects as it’s done in the real world, outside the classroom. They equipped me with technical knowhow and conceptual knowledge which helped me shape my career

    William Rock